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Why sewer inspection for old homes?

Reasons to inspect old home:Many homes were built around 1970s with poor sewer systems,which  disintegrate and collapse over time.And since these pipes were not made of good material,It is not very difficult for tree roots to grow into these sewer lines.Roots invasion then leads to an accumulation of debris and ends up with backups such as grease or eggshell waste.Sometimes the cesspools were left intact and connected to the sewer line after the city installed its municipal sewer system.We have to check these kind of problems by run a hand camera down your sewer.

Why do I need a sewer inspection for my new house?

Many house owners suffer a lot from sewer problems.Back in the old days,people didn't care about the pipes buried undergroud.And many of those sewer pipes were unreasonable arranged and installed.Thus may give rise to continuous backup of the toilet.It is a better ideal to call a plumber to run a push rod camera down inside your sewer branch lines.You can buy a sewer camera from IPS,but we highly recommend you to let the professional to do the job.Because home-owner standard camera system is only good for the first few feet,while a serious sewer camera is very costly and not a good investment.If not well trained,you may also damage the camera by inappropriate operations.

How can I get service from you?

You can get service for pipe inspection equipment in two ways.1.Call or email our overseas marketing employees.You can also add them to your skype or whatsapp.They will provide a general solution to your requirements.If not satified with the answers,some engineers will be invited to come in the group talk.2.You can call the distributor nearest to you.You can ask them to give you a demo of our products or help you repair your equipment.