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Can I count on the measurement of your manhole camera to decide where to cut reliner to lateral?

Well, I am sorry to say no.As you all know the theories of triangles.The distance the laser measures is certainly not what you need.The reading is the length of longest side of a triangle.So no matter how precise of a laser ranging on a manhole camera is, it can only give you a general idea where the sewer lines has a defect.If you use the reading to decide where to dig a trench, it will work not too bad.But to drill a hole from a reliner to a lateral is another story.You will need very precise measurement of a pipe section underground.If you are interested in how to do it, please write to my emai: abraham@ipsrobot.comAbout IPS ROBOT:IPS Robot is committed to develope best pipeline inspection and rehabilitation equipment.Our Main products: Push Rod Sewer Camera, Pipe Inspection Crawler, Manhole Inspection Pole Camera 

Can you share me some info of your newly developped 3D laser profiler?

S300 - Pipeline robotics crawler with 3D laser profilerBefore we talk about our 3d laser profiler,we should thank IBAK for keeping their laser stick technical as a secret for so long and so well, so we can finally develop something for our own. As shown below is our SINGA S300 Crawler systems integrated 3D laser scanner.The scanner can work standalone or mounted on a carriage,push rod or even manhole camera. And our magic is that, the laser and video inspection can be activated as the same time.That means you can record videos and build pipeline 3D model,map the inspection direction by only one launch. The leads too the double of your productivity.

Why you need a sewer camera inspection?

4 Signs Your Home is Overdue for a Sewer Camera InspectionA sewer video inspection is a great way to diagnose problems in your home’s sewer line or its plumbing system. Most good Pittsburgh plumbers will be able to use this technology to find stubborn clogs, damaged pipes and anything else that may be causing plumbing problems that you can’t immediately see yourself. All homes can benefit from a video sewer inspection, and your home may in fact be overdue for one. Here are just a few signs that you should contact a plumber for a sewer or plumbing camera inspection for your home.You’ve Just Purchased a New HomeIf you’ve just purchased a new home or are about to finalize a purchase, you should make sure the sewer line is in good condition with a video sewer inspection. This is especially crucial if you’re purchasing an older home or one with trees and other foliage on the property. The roots of large trees are drawn to the water in sewer lines and can intrude on them, causing them to erode or collapse. A sewer video inspection can determine if this is a problem before you start to wonder why your drains are constantly backing up.Your Drains are Backing Up or Draining SlowlyA slow drain or one that has stopped altogether is almost always a sure sign that there is something wrong with your home’s plumbing or sewer line. If you can’t unclog a drain with a plunger or any of the other common household remedies you may know, a sewer video inspection will be able to find the blockage that is stopping up your plumbing.You Notice Leaking Under the FoundationA leak under your home’s foundation can usually be attributed to a damaged sewer line. Finding where this leak is coming from is difficult without digging up the line itself, but a sewer video inspection can sometimes find this leak without spending too much time and money gaining access to the sewer line.You Have Inconsistent Water PressureA leak in your plumbing or sewer line will almost certainly cause a drop in your water pressure. A leaky pipe in your home is relatively easy to find, but a leaking sewer line is not. If your water pressure has been inconsistent or far lower than it should be and you cannot find the culprit in your own home, the problem may be in your sewer line and out of your reach. A sewer camera inspection will be able to find these leaks before they get out of hand or your entire sewer line becomes damaged beyond repair.

Can I run your Push Cameras 24hours nonstop?

No,we highly recommend you to to use our sewer cameras no more than 12 hours per day.And a maitenance one or two times per month would delivery you a longer service time of our cameras.

How many hours can I run the crawler system with your optional backup battery system?

Our backup battery provides 4 hours full operation time of the Mainline crawler systems.For push rod camera and drill camera system,we have rechargeable battery inside the 5.7" monitor.And it can run the system for 4-6 hours.

Is the cable for your mainline crawler rigid or flexible?

We use reinforced but still with great flexible cable(Optical Fiber Cable Optional) to make the cable reel system.But Push Rod Cameras System's cable is rigid glass fiber cable.

Can I visit your factory?

Yes,we welcome your visit.And for distributors we also offer free training for products operation and repairing.We will prepare invitation letter to the embassy as soon as you send us your passport info.IPS Main Products:Mainline Crawler,Push Rod Camera,Manhole inspection Camera,Drill Camera.

Why should I buy sewer cameras from IPS?

Since 2005,IPS was establish with a simple thought in mind-to serve and maintain customers better than any other suppliers in the industry.We have win a lot of trust from our customer via providing equipment to facilitate their inspections for lateral pipelines,vertical boreholes,tanks,waste-water collection systems or even for scientific research and military purposes with a compact video inspect system of full-featured and versatile but still with simple control and user-friendly interface CCTV tools.And thanks to our most qualified distributors,whether you need a basic system with enough illumination and camera centering bracket,or you need extra part to map your pipe network system with sonar or laser,you can always rely on them to provide customize service and help you boost your business bottom line.Main Products:industrial pipe crawler robot,push rod camera for lateral pipes,manhole camera,chimney inspection camera,drill camera

How to know more about your equipment parameters and features?

1.After reading the description of our sewer inspection robot,push camera,manhole camera system,you can contact our online service staff for further information of our equipment.2.Download user manual from our website.3.Contact our distributor to give you a demo.

How to use your mainline crawler?

1.First,you should connect the whole system according to the user manual.2.Power the industrial pipe crawler robot camera system.3.Then feed the crawler tractor into the pipes you need to inspect.4.Use the wireless control box to regulate the crawler movement and camera head's rotation motion in order to get a comprehensive understanding of what is going on inside the pipe.5.After using the crawler system,uninstall the crawler and put the whole system in dry and cool place for safe keeping.IPS Main Products:Mainline Crawler,Push Rod Camera,Manhole inspection Camera,Drill Camera.

What can I inspect with your sewer cameras?

Our products including mainline crawler,push rod sewer camera,manhole camera are designed to facilitate the inspection of pipelines, wet wells, manholes, sewer treatment plants, steam generators, tanks, vessels.

How many workers are needed to operate your equipments?

How many workers should be involved to operate your products?We allow one person operation for our mainline crawlers,push sewer inspection cameras and manhole cameras.But for efficient inspection,we recommend two person to run our crawler cameras.Buy Mainline Crawler,Push Rod Camera,Manhole inspection Camera,Drill Camera from IPS ROBOT

Can I use the cable reel of S100 on S200 or S300 system?

Yes.IPS' products are designed with high interchangeability.All the main parts,such as crawler,12.1" monitor and cable reel are compatible with all the crawler systems.IPS Main Products:Mainline Crawler,Push Rod Camera,Manhole inspection Camera,Drill Camera.

Can I use your sewer inspection crawler underwater?

Yes.Our pipe inspection crawler are all designed to be waterproof(IP68).But you need to check the inner pressure on the monitor to make sure it is within safe condition(10-15psi).Warning:Do not expose the crawler to water when the inner pressure drop down to zero.IPS Main Products:Mainline Crawler,Push Rod Camera,Manhole inspection Camera,Drill Camera.