Aldermen buy CCTV equipment for sewer line inspections

Aldermen buy CCTV equipment for sewer line inspections

Owensville aldermen on Monday accepted the low bid to specifications to purchase a $75,431 closed circuit television camera system and 14-foot trailer for conducting sewer pipe line inspections.

EJ Equipment bid $74,300 as a base bid and city officials included an alternate award of $850 for a wash down station to be included with the trailer. The city had budgeted $75,100 for the purchase after spending nearly $45,200 on contracted CCTV services conducted on city sanitary sewer pipes in April and May.

The award also included an alternate bid award of $281 to have a 14-foot trailer supplied by EJ Equipment rather than a 12-foot trailer.

Coe Equipment had a base bid of $79,425 with $417 added for the trailer extension and $849 for the 10-gallon wash down station. Key Equipment, which was unable to provide a tracked crawler unit, had a base bid of $108,200. Their unit was a wheeled camera system.

Jeff Kuhne, public works director, told aldermen the tracked crawler is operated with “controls like a PlayStation game.” Video footage is recorded as the unit moves down the sewer line allowing for a detailed  review of the inspection.

City Administrator Nathan Schauf thanked the board for approving the purchase.

“This adds to the capacity of our sewer department to do sewer drain repairs,” said Schauf.

Archer-Elgin assisted the city with preparing bid specifications. Bids were due Oct. 30 and reviewed by Travis Hernandez, the city’s contracted code official and a design engineer for Archer-Elgin.