Water, sewer work to continue on First Avenue East

Water, sewer work to continue on First Avenue East

CEDAR RAPIDS — Work will continue in 2016 on the city’s three-phase project to replace water and sanitary sewer lines along busy First Avenue East from 27th Street to 40th Street.

The second phase of work will begin in March and will take 88 working days along First Avenue East from 27th Street to 29th Street and from 31st Street to 34th Street, Doug Wilson, the city’s capital improvement project manager, told the City Council on Tuesday.

The estimated cost of the 2016 work is $1.87 million. Bids for the work will be opened on Dec. 16.

Wilson said the water and sanitary sewer systems that are being replaced are from 60 to 95 years old and require substantial maintenance. They have a history of water main breaks and infiltration of rain water into the sanitary sewer system.

Work is slated for 2018 on a third phase of the project, from 29th Street to 31st Street. It will be completed in conjunction with work there to take the CEMAR Trail under First Avenue East, Wilson said.

He said the work on First Avenue East includes moving overhead utilities underground.

“That really does make a difference on the look of our main thoroughfare,” City Council member Ann Poe said.

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