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Sewage truck bursts, douses cars, road in human waste

Time: 2016-08-11
Talk about a crappy commute. This driver in Russia was lucky enough to have his dashcam running while staying out of the direct blast zone of a sewage tanker truck explosion this week. The truck expelled gallons of human excrement while waiting on a red light in traffic.

The driver recording the deluge didn't totally escape the mess. He still had to roll through a small pond of poo that collected around the ruptured truck. The occupants of the silver crossover next to the truck weren't so lucky. That vehicle was in the blast radius and received a full dose along the side of the van. We only hope the rubber seals on the doors were in good shape. The dashboard camera video was uploaded to YouTube, where it has since gone viral.

We don't know much more about the incident, which isn't unusual when dealing with dashcam footage from Russia. Driver's in the largest country in the world were among the first to adopt dashcams due to pervasive insurance fraud, courts where eye witness testimony is routinely ignored, and corrupt police looking for bribes in exchange for clean driving records. The videos became a hit on YouTube with Russians and non-Russians alike. Since the country is vast and the cameras so ubiquitous, some very wild events are caught on camera. Like this truck driver who made a miraculous escape from a devastating crash or meteorites lighting up the sky the moment they enter the atmosphere. The cameras even occasionally record someone being helpful.

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