Cheap Drain Pipe Hole Sewer Camera
Cheap Drain Pipe Hole Sewer Camera

Item specifics

Pipe inspection camera
Robotic Crawler
Cable Drum
Motor-driven/ Manual
Cable Length
Application Range
DN 300 and Up
3D laser profiler,sonar,ect
Reporting Software
Compatible with Wincan



Cheap Drain Pipe Hole Sewer CameraCheap Drain Pipe Hole Sewer CameraCheap Drain Pipe Hole Sewer Camera

S300 Sewer Camera is specially designed to assess big pipes.With powerful auxiliary illumination system,s300 can light up and record details in pipes DN300 and up.

The camera system features a 540TVL sony CCD camera sensor,which can provide clear image for engineers to assess the pipe conditions and rate its defects.

Video data from camera head is transferred to our sunlight viewable monitor.Operator can easily regulate crawler's motion,cable winding or unwinding via a wireless control box.

Technical data
Product classificationSewer Camera
Inspection rangeapprox.DN 300 and up
Dimensionapprox. 290mm
Weightapprox. 17 kg
Tractor operationyes
Camera reorientYes
FocusManual focus
Lighting4 led lights.
Protection classIP 68
Permissible ambient temperature-20 to 55 celsius
Test pressure10-15PSI
Pressure monitoringIntegrated pressure sensor continuously monitors inner pressure
Panning range180-degree endless pan
Viewing range+/-120°
Angle of rotationContinuous
Sensor (inch)1/4“
TV standardHD
Explosion protectionoptional
Image resolution540TVL Sewer Camera

Detail Image:

Cheap Drain Pipe Hole Sewer Camera

  • * Crawler for DN200-2000mm lateral sewer mainlines.

  • * Steerable to traverse bend pipes and navigate over obstacles.

  • * Manual controlled camera-lift to ensure the camera head in the center position of the pipe.

  • * Two sizes tires inside the package.

  • * 4-wheel drive can travel forward,reverse and turn around.

Sewer Camera Sensor:

Cheap Drain Pipe Hole Sewer Camera

  •   * 1/4”540TVL Sony CCD
  •   * Sensitivity: 0.01 LUX;Capable of working in the dark
  •   * Zoom:120 times (10X optical, 12X digital)
  •   * Illumination:4*10w High brightness LED lights
  •   * Rotation: 360°pan, 180°tilt
  •   * Auto leveling;Auto focus 55
  •   * Working temperature: -20℃~55℃
  •   * Diameter: 90mm
  •   * Weight: 2.2KG
  •   * Waterproof level: IP68

12.1" LCD Monitor

Cheap Drain Pipe Hole Sewer Camera

  • * 12.1“ sunlight viewable touch control LCD
  • * Record inspections to 64GB SSD
  • * Water-proof standard:IP53
  • * All featured software regulates crawler motion,cable

   reel winding up and persistently measures pressure,

   slope and distance,ect.

  • * Size:L426mm*W266mm*H52mm

SD9991E+ Cable Reel

Cheap Drain Pipe Hole Sewer Camera

  • * Optional manual or auto cable winding up component;
  • * Material: Aviation aluminum+PC plastic
  • * Meter-counter:Distance constantly displayed on screen;
  • * erro<10cm
  • * Waterproof: IP53;
  • * Reinforced semi-rigid cable;
  • * Load capacity:150KG.OD:9mm
  • *120m standard cable length

IPS was started with a simple goal ,to provide our Chinese customers ,who were engaded in water monitoring and/or municipal sewer line inspection and rehabilitation ,with affordable devices.

        *  In 2009,we began our business with self-made multi-direction endoscope.But it was not very sucessful at that time.

        *  In 2013,we came back with SINGA crawlers,which was equipped with powerful illumination to capture and record pipe defects.

        *  In2015,we added explosion-proof and motor-driven cable drum to our carriage.And setted out to develop our own UV curing,3D sonar/laser system.

Thanks to continuous efforts in customers' oriented technical innovations and excellent service ,IPS has witnessed a series of huge success.Now we are the leading manufacturer of pipeline CCTV inspection equipment in China ,and we are ready to lead international pipe inspection&rehabilitation industry in the future.

Cheap Drain Pipe Hole Sewer Camera