Video pipe inspection camera system for wells
Video pipe inspection camera system for wells
Video pipe inspection camera system for wells
Video pipe inspection camera system for wells

Item specifics

Digital Camera
Push Camera
Special Features
Waterproof / Weatherproof
Pan &Tilt
Pan: 360degrees; Tilt: 180degrees
LED Lights
Size of the screen
Memory card
4G(optional to 8G)



Video pipe inspection camera system for wellsVideo pipe inspection camera system for wellsVideo pipe inspection camera system for wells

Schroder is a leading manufacturer of cctv Well Inspection Camera for underwater applications.

Well camera is able to capture video images in a timely manner of high-tech electronic equipment, the product system consists of cameras, transmission cables, the host control box, optical encoder, electric winches, recorders and other equipment. It has a waterproof, resistant to high pressure, high temperature, etc., but also hassimple operation, data is large, clear image, real time image monitoring, collecting,recording, arbitrary zoom, while the far and near the scene auto focus, able to show clear picture of available hard disk or CD-ROM to save monitoring data.Especially in the dry hole and clean water hole conditions, can real-time access to very clear color images, for a variety of holes to provide a reliable basis for incident handling, has a unique visual and authenticity. The product is mainly used for hole formation structure of the division, wall cracks and karst formations discrimination cases to distinguish fractured development zone, to determine the location and distribution of karst hole long-term monitoring and other aspects of work, underground TV in the vertical drilling , horizontal drilling and drilling in an arbitrary angle monitoring.

Underground TV repair works mainly in casing breakage, falling objects wells, treatment pore blockage detection, it can be real shooting burning deep well casing and the casing wall damage and leaking, etc and will be photographed a clear image using its supporting a special cable to the monitor.

The product is used borehole maintenance, maintenance, repair, cleaning, can be accurate, fast, intuitive, clear and true judge wall abnormalities and location. From the economic aspect of analysis, the use of the product for the detection of bad wells can reduce costs, reduce unnecessary expenses.


Camera head

Underground TV is expanding the range of applications, the current system is not only used in the drilling and wells hydrologic restoration work, in the oil fields, coal fields, the field of engineering geology has also been widely used, can also be used in dams and reservoirs maintenance and marine engineering and other underwater operations.


TV system : PAL / NTSC

optional Camera size: 70mm(diameter) * 100mm(length)

Camera angle: 45 degree-60 degree

Image sensor: 1/3 CCD

Resolution: 480TVL

Sensitivity: 0.1LUX

Pixel: 720*576

Camera housing material: stainless

steel Grade: military

Display: 8 inch LCD display

Working temperature: -10celsius to + 55celsius

Power: AC 220V

Frame rate: 25 frame / second

Light source: 3W and 4.5W LED lights

Best inspection diameter:10-25mm 100-2000m watertightness cable optional CD writer and 10 pcs CD Downhole pulley Meter counter Manual winch

Well Inspection Camera head:

Video pipe inspection camera system for wells

5.7 inch display controller:

Video pipe inspection camera system for wells

Whole sets

Video pipe inspection camera system for wells

Payment Terms

1. Bank Transfer

2. Western Union

3. Escrow


Package each system in three piece ABS case + one piece foam case Carton 63x45x25cm,78x63x40cm


Gross weight:50kg,Volume weight:80kg

Delivery Methods DHL/UPS/FedEx/EMS/TNT by sea/air

Delivery Time 7-10 working days

After-sale Service

Period 12 months service charge free service

After 12 months,pay-service.

Why should I buy from IPS?

IPS has been in the business of making inspection systems for over 10 years. All products are manufactured locally by our in house experts.

Will IPS service my camera system?

Yes. As well as manufacturing camera systems we also provide a service and repair facility for our customers

IPS was started with a simple goal ,to provide our Chinese customers ,who were engaded in water monitoring and/or municipal sewer line inspection and rehabilitation ,with affordable devices.

        *  In 2009,we began our business with self-made multi-direction endoscope.But it was not very sucessful at that time.

        *  In 2013,we came back with SINGA crawlers,which was equipped with powerful illumination to capture and record pipe defects.

        *  In2015,we added explosion-proof and motor-driven cable drum to our carriage.And setted out to develop our own UV curing,3D sonar/laser system.

Thanks to continuous efforts in customers' oriented technical innovations and excellent service ,IPS has witnessed a series of huge success.Now we are the leading manufacturer of pipeline CCTV inspection equipment in China ,and we are ready to lead international pipe inspection&rehabilitation industry in the future.

Video pipe inspection camera system for wells