IPS Robot

Turbo cutter robot for sewer rehabilitation and CIPP prepare

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Update Time 2019-07-19
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wide area of application in pipes of DN 200 to 400 / 8“ - 16“ (inner diameter), also with extension option upto DN 600 / 24“ and for egg profiles

Extremely shortconversion periods when changing the nominaldiameter

Maximumflexibility thanks to four degrees of freedom

(travelmovement, turning / swivelling cutting head and swivelling the cutter motor)

High cutting orprocessing depth for lateral repair

Pneumatic pressure rail for better travelproperties and optimum stability in the pipe

Detachable carriagecan also be used for „MULTISAN TURBO“lateral repair system

Convenientmedia supply package, 100 m / 328 ft (50 m / 164 ft extension option)

Extremely highcutting force due to to ultra-powerful airmotor

Flexibleoperation owing to a mobile universal controlunit

Precise control of the cutting robotusing 2 dynamic joysticks

Permanent observation of the cuttingprocess thanks to swivel colour camera withwater and wipers

Removable swivel camera / can also be usedfor MULTISAN repair system

Cutting toolcooling via separate water nozzle

Damageprevention through permanent internal pressuremonitoring with signalling and upset angle monitoring

Various cutting tools can be attached(brush extension max. 100 mm)

Convenientcrane attachment for easy lowering into thesewer

Extremelyrobust and durable system


  consist ofcarriage, cutting arm and swivel camera

  Air-poweredcutter motor

  Suitableforpipes DN200/ 8“ (innerpipe diameter and without sleeve offsets) up to DN 400/   16“

  Circumscribed circleof the cutting robot 180 mm / 7“

  Operation via IMSuniversal control unit (not included)

  Media supply line via IMS universalcable drum 100 - 150 m / 328 - 492 ft (not included)

  Self-propelledwith 3 speed levels, max. speed approx. 10 m/min / 32 ft/ min

  Extension parts forthe nominal width range up to DN 400 / 16“

  Extension option up tomax. DN 600 / 24“ and for egg profiles

  Carriage can becombined with Multisan TURBO repair system

  Electrically poweredturning movement 400° / swivel movement 90° / swivel movement of air motor 90° optional

  Integrated upset sensor to prevent the robot tippingover (display via universal controlunit)

  Reverse travel sensor (display viauniversal control unit)

  Pneumatic pressure rail for betterstability and traction

  Carriage andcutting head watertight and filled with nitrogen

  Swivel colourcamera with 2 x 10 W halogen spots and 3 wiperblades

  2 x 10 Wadditional halogen spots

  Water equipment (camera cleaning andtool cooling) optional

  Permanent internal pressure monitoring

  Max. tool diameter forconcrete 120 mm / 5“

  Crane attachment

  Inspectionglass with dial for determining the position of air motor

  175 ml / oiltank for permanent lubrication

  Dimensions L x W x Happrox. 1100 x 170 x 200 mm  / 43 x 7 x8“, weight approx. 70 kg

011 19 000Extension for circular sections 
DN 450 - 600 / 18" - 24"
011 23 000Extension set for egg shaped sections
DN 250/375 - 500/750 (10"/12" - 20"/30")
012 19 000Water equipment
014 53 000Motor driven reeling
014 56 000Extension supply hose 50 m / 164 ft
016 47 000Data loading with meter counting
011 30 000Quick Lock Connection


TURBO Carriage for circular and egged-shape sections DN 200 - 600

Portable cable drum, manual, 100m

Universal control unit