IPS Robot

MICRO automatic (DN 80 - 250)

Group Indoor Installation
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2018-02-27

MICRO automatic

  • large range of application in pipes from DN 80 to 150/3“ up to 6“ (inside diameter), optional up to DN 250/10“
  • excellent flexibility in bends up to 90° in DN 100/4“ through rotating and swivel head
  • high work efficiency due to axial feed of approx. 100 mm/4“
  • usable also in difficult pipe situations due to manual and automatic creeping and climbing function
  • pneumatic clamping unit permits usage also in vertical pipes
  • only very small access openings required
  • convenient supply hose package of 30 m/98,40 ft
  • extremely high cutting force through powerful air motor
  • flexible operation by cable remote control and removable monitor
  • very precise control of cutter through joystick
  • control unit MICRO automatic with case optional available
  • permanent monitoring of cutting operation due to color camera with air/water cleaning
  • great mobility convenience through compact Chassis
  • damage prevention through automatic monitoring of internal pressure with signalling
  • deep pipe insertion by fiberglass push rod possible
  • variable cutting tools can be installed
  • minimum downtimes in case of repair through operator-replaceable components or use of express service (see detailed description in the offer/order conditions)


MICRO automatic

useseable from DN 80 to 150/3 up to 6“ (inside diameter), up to DN 250/10“ with optional extensions

  • flexibility in bends 90° from DN 100/4“ (clay, no folds, or similar)
  • axial feed approx. 100 mm/4“, manual and automatic creeping and climbing function (single or permanent movement)
  • 30 m/98,40 ft supply hose on drum
  • coupling elements for fiberglass push rod
  • 400° rotating and approx. 90° swivel movement with stops
  • air-powered cutter motor
  • color camera with LED
  • camera cleaning with permanent air and switchable water flushing
  • splashproof according to IP 54
  • waterproof device with 0.8 bar nitrogen filling
  • permanent monitoring of internal pressure with signalling
  • cable remote control with joystick for rotating (sensitivity adjustable) and swivelling, light control, switch for water, cutting motor and control of bladders; analogue video output
  • 3,5“ TFT LCD Monitor, storage picture/video (JPEG/MPEG) with SD card, USB, date and time display
  • outside diameter of cutter: 72 mm
  • overall dimensions: approx. L 660 x W 550 x H 800 mm (approx. 26“ x 22“ x 31“)
  • weight: approx. 55 kg
  • completely assembled cutter on chassis with pneumatic and electrical rotary leadthrough
  • detachable individual components
  • accessory case with jobsite tools, valve extension, set of replacement screws, 1 carbide half globe cutting tool granulate, nitrogen filling adapter, thread extension, ball bearings and fins for air motor, operation manual, overview spare parts

032 02 000Extension DN 200 / 8"032 03 000Extension DN 250 / 10"030 07 400Extension 5 m / 16 ft for remote control030 08 400 Extension 50 m / 164 ft for remote control030 08 300Hose extension 15 m / 49 ft030 05 300Hose extension 30 m / 98 ft015 18 000 Pipe eel 11 mm / 50 m / 164 ft015 01 133Tool extension030 06 900Inspection camera